May 15, 2017 – June 14, 2017

Ten French Rosés

Are you ready for Rosé season? A boatload of the French stuff just hit our shores, including some of our most delicious values.


Le Poussin Rosé Vin de France

La Vie en Rosé
2016 Vin de France (Le Poussin Rosé)
Sale Price $8.99 – $91.70 case of twelve
Le Poussin Rosé, a blend of Cinsault, Grenache, and Syrah grown along the Mediterranean coast in Languedoc, is delicate, crisp, dry – and a superb value.


Of Corse
Domaine Petroni Corse2016 Corse (Domaine Petroni)
Sale Price $13.99 – $142.70 case of twelve
Unless you’ve visited the beautiful island of Corsica you may not have encountered wines made from grapes named Niellucciu and Sciaccarellu. The Domaine Petroni Rosé is spicy, herbal, and intense. Enjoy with strong cheeses and spicy seafood.


De Nîmes
2016 Costières de Nîmes ‘Galets Rosés’ (Château Mourgues du Grès)
Sale Price $11.99 – $122.30 case of twelve
Château Mourgues du Grès Costières de Nîmes Galets RosésIf you’re looking for a strong, darkly colored rosé to go with grilled meat, this wine from Nîmes will do the trick. Here Syrah and Grenache work their Southern French magic.

redline Domaine de Millet Côtes de Gascogne

Côtes de Gascogne
2016 Côtes de Gascogne (Domaine de Millet)
Sale Price $7.99 – $81.50 case of twelve
Millet’s rosé is a superbly balanced fruity, peppery and dry wine that will match with spicy foods and bold salads.


Église Saint Pierre Coteaux d’Ancenis 2016 Coteaux d’Ancenis (Église Saint Pierre)
Sale Price $7.99 – $81.50 case of twelve
At the western edge of the Loire, the Coteaux d’Ancenis produces lovely Gamay Rosé. The Église Saint Pierre (previously labeled Cour de Rohan) is as good as ever, with a fine balance of strawberry fruit and earthy dryness. An incredible value.

Domaine de Villegeai Coteaux du Giennois 2016 Coteaux du Giennois (Domaine de Villegeai)
Sale Price $12.99 – $132.50 case of twelve
The Coteaux du Giennois is a small appellation to the north of Sancerre. Here the Domaine de Villegeai makes a rosé of Pinot Noir that is the equal of any rosé from its more famous neighbor. Dry, delicate, and crisp – and perfect with salmon.

redline Lamé Delisle Boucard Bourgueil

Franc en Rosé
2016 Bourgueil (Lamé Delisle Boucard)
Sale Price $11.99 – $122.30 case of twelve
Another amazing Rosé and value from L-D-B, our favorite three-family conglomerate in the Loire Valley. The Cabernet Franc grape provides the berry aromas and fine dry finish.


Domaine Patrice Colin Coteaux du Vendômois Gris BodinGris Bodacious
2016 Coteaux du Vendômois ‘Gris Bodin’ (Domaine Patrice Colin)
Sale Price $13.99 – $142.70 case of twelve
This page has all the great grapes for Loire Rosé. Colin’s Gris Bodin comes from an eighty-year-old vineyard planted with the local specialty, Pineau d’Aunis. This is deep and peppery, with hints of raspberry and clove.

redline Moulin de Gassac Pays d’Hérault Guilhem

Pays d’Hérault
2016 Pays d’Hérault ‘Guilhem’ (Moulin de Gassac)
Sale Price $9.99 – $101.90 case of twelve
Mas de Daumas Gassac makes some of Languedoc’s greatest wines. Their Moulin de Gassac line is laden with value. The 2016 Guilhem is a plummy flavorful rosé with a nice herbal finish.


2016 Bandol (Dupuy de Lôme)
Sale Price $19.99 – $203.90 case of twelve
Dupuy de Lôme BandolRed Bandol is all about the Mourvèdre grape variety, which gives an intense pine and pepper flavor along with strong tannins. Bandol Rosé is similarly intense in character, but in chillable form. Dupuy de Lôme is both formidable and graceful. Get out your Bouillabaisse chops and go to town.

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Morgon et Morgon
2014 Morgon ‘La Voùte Saint-Vincent’ (Louis Claude Desvignes)
Sale Price $14.99 – $152.90 case of twelve
2014 Morgon ‘Javernières’ (Louis Claude Desvignes)
Sale Price $19.99 – $203.90 case of twelve
Louis Claude Desvignes Morgon La Voùte Saint-VincentCru Beaujolais like these Morgons are absolutely insane values. While the wine world has fixated on Pinot Noir and Burgundy, growers in Còte de Brouilly, Fleurie, and Morgon have improved their wines immensely but are still undermined pricewise by producers of industrial-scale basic flatland Beaujolais. This, the eighth generation of the Desvignes family, grows only Gamay and produces only Morgon. The Voéte Saint-Vincent is a blend of different parcels that yields a generous yet structured Morgon. Right out of the bottle the 2014 is a beautiful expression of a mineral-infused, charmingly fruity red.Louis Claude Desvignes Morgon Javernières On the more serious side is their very old vine, single vineyard Javernières. This delves deep with a primal earthy aroma, beautiful tannins, and a gripping, persistent dry finish. Roast a chicken for the Voéte Saint-Vincent. Roast a leg of lamb for the Javernières.


2014 Valdeorras ‘Mencia’ (A Portela)
Sale Price $13.99 – $142.70 case of twelve
A Portela Valdeorras MenciaNamed by the Romans the Valley of Gold, Valdeorras lies along the easternmost edge of Galicia in northwest Spain. The high elevation of its lush green hills experiences some of Spain’s lowest average temperatures, while the granite and slate in the soil slowly release heat absorbed during the day throughout the cool nights. This stabilizes and lengthens ripening in native grapes like Mencia, resulting in the crisp aromatic wines that characterize the region.A Portela’s Mencia is made from organically grown vines that are up to 40 years old. Herbs and flowers fill the nose while spicy berries and earthy minerals fill the mouth. It’s a classic with the Galician octopus dish pulpo a feira. Not planning on octopus tonight? A charcuterie board or a wild mushroom risotto will also be a lovely match with this fresh, medium-bodied red.

Etna Bianco
2016 Etna Bianco (Tenuta delle Terre Nere)
Sale Price $19.99 – $203.90 of twelve
Tenuta delle Terre Nere Etna BiancoUnless you have a seafood allergy, this summer you’re inevitably going to require a wine like this, because the Etna Bianco from Terre Nere is amazing with fish. The combination of volcanic soil and the mix of Carricante, Catarratto, Grecanico, and Minnella varietals yields beautiful floral aromas along with salty, minerally flavors. This wine graced and blessed our last rendition of linguine with clam sauce, but it will be equally good with a grilled swordfish.


Right Bank Bordeaux
2012 Saint Émilion ‘Yon Saint-Martin’ (Yon-Figeac)
Sale Price $17.99 – $183.50 case of twelve
Yon-Figeac Saint-ÉmilionFor the 2012 Bordeaux vintage, we look to the wines of the Right Bank where Merlot dominates. Torrential rains late in the fall forced most châteaux to prematurely pick their Cabernet Sauvignon. As a result, the earlier ripening Merlot became the star of the vintage. And it shines in the Yon Saint-Martin. Mostly Merlot (70%) with Cabernet Franc, this Saint-Émilion is rich with dark berries, plums, and graphite. A cooling minerality and tannins silkened by age bring an elegance to this concentrated wine. Just the thing to drink with a steak and a spicy chimichurri.


Old Style Chianti
2014 Chianti Rufina (Frascole)
Sale Price $14.99 – $152.90 case of twelve
Frascole Chianti RufinaThe Rufina zone located to the northeast of Florence is the equal to Chianti Classico in all but volume. Selvapiana has long been our favorite Rufina producer, but now we are happy to add the organic producer Frascole to our selection. Their 2014 is a robust Sangiovese with equally weighted fruit, tannin, and crispness. This is a perfect match with spicy pasta dishes and grilled fare.


2015 Rosso di Valtellina ‘Téi’ (Sandro Fay)
Sale Price $16.99 – $173.30 case of twelve
Sandro Fay Rosso di Valtellina TéiIt is said that Valtellina wines are easier to find in Switzerland than in Milan, the capital of Lombardy. Apparently the Swiss love the Nebbiolo-based wines from Valtellina so much that they own several wineries, bottling and consuming much of the wine over the nearby border. The terroir is alpine, as the vines in Valtellina cling to the steep hillsides on the northern side of the Adda River Valley. This unlikely viticulture area produces delicately etched, elegant, and minerally reds. The 2015 Rosso ‘Téi’ from Sandro Fay has a gorgeously transparent garnet color, pristine berry fruit, and a lengthy, subtly tannic finish. Try this with a roasted salmon along with asparagus.


Muga Blanco
2015 Rioja Blanco (Muga)
Sale Price $14.99 – $152.90 case of twelve
Muga Rioja BiancoThat there are three Iberian whites in this month’s newsletter indicates that our appreciation of Verdejo, Viura, and Alabariño continues to increase. Muga’s Blanco is not new, but the 2015 is one of the brightest and freshest versions in years, which is no small accomplishment considering that they always barrel ferment this wine. The Viura grape provides fine apricot fruit and body while Malvasia adds perfume to the aromas and zestiness to the finish. A great white wine for cod and haddock.


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Specialty Foods


Jouvence Persillé de Chèvre $21.99 per lb. 
(Regular price $25.99)

Jouvence Persillé de Chèvre cheeseThis unique blue cheese is made with 100% goat’s milk, and the result is a soft and creamy blue with a lightly ashen rind and a pleasantly tangy and piquant flavor. Made by one of our favorite producers, Ferme de Jouvence (“Farm of Rejuvenation”), located just outside of Paris, and one of the last true French farmstead cheesemakers that exports to the United States.


Kaltbach Le Crémeux $18.99 per lb. 
(Regular price $20.99)

One of the newest offerings from Wisconsin-based importer Emmi Roth, Kaltbach Le Crémeux is a semi-firm cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk and microbial rennet. Wheels are aged for a minimum of 120 days in the Kaltbach caves, an underground sandstone labyrinth just outside of Lucerne, Switzerland which provides cool, mineral rich air and a constant humidity of 96%. The cheese has a smooth and pliant texture, with surprisingly rich and complex flavors to balance the creaminess.


Cabriolu cheeseCabriolu $15.99 per lb. 
(Regular price $17.99)

Regular readers of the newsletter will recognize the cheesemaker Central Formaggi from last month’s offerings. The Villecco family has been farming sheep and goats on the island of Sardinia for over 100 years, and this mixed milk, washed rind cheese does justice to their traditional farming practices. Rich with flavor, the cheese is firm and almost crumbly at the center, while it develops a seductive creaminess closer to the rind.


Kirkham’s Lancashire $21.99 per lb. 
(Regular price $24.99)

Kirkham’s Lancashire cheeseLancashire is a classic British cheese, and Graham Kirkham’s version epitomizes the style. The Kirkham family has been farming and making cheese near Goosnargh, Lancashire for three generations, and theirs is the last raw-milk farmhouse Lancashire in the world. The result of their high-quality milk and long and slow cheesemaking process is a bright and flavorful cheese with a crumbly, open texture that is intensely complex, yet light on the palate.


Wines of the Month — May 15, 2017 through June 14, 2017

Torres Rueda Verdeo 2015 Rueda ‘Verdeo’ (Torres)
Sale Price $8.99 – $97.09 case of twelve
The Torres clan of Penedès fame has moved into inland Spain to make a delicious, crisp Verdejo in Rueda. The 2015 is fresh, snappy, and ready for summer salads and seafood.


Lamé Delisle Boucard Bourgueil Chesnaies

2015 Bourgueil ‘Chesnaies’ (Lamé Delisle Boucard)
Sale Price $9.99 – $107.89 case of twelve
L-D-B’s entry level Bourgueil is a deliciously fruity and savory Cabernet Franc and, like their other wines, a truly astonishing value.

Quinta de Azevedo Vinho Verde

2016 Vinho Verde (Quinta de Azevedo)
Sale Price $7.99 – $86.29 case of twelve
We’ve long been fans of Portugal’s wonderfully versatile and great-value Vinho Verde. The 2016 Quinta de Azevedo is a decidedly dry white with good concentration of apple and pear fruit.



Obalo Rioja

2015 Rioja (Obalo)
Sale Price $9.99 – $107.89 case of twelve
Obalo’s 2015 Rioja is a pure Tempranillo with deep, dark berry fruit, and fine structured tannins. Great for ribs and spicy beans.