June 15, 2017 – July 14, 2017

France, Italy, and Slovenia


2016 Coteaux de l’Ardèche ‘Petite Selve’ (Chateau de la Selve)
Sale Price $11.99 – $122.30 case of twelve
Chateau de la Selve Petite Selve Coteaux de l’ArdècheArdèche is the name of a river and a department in the Rhone region. Ardèche wines are usually described as ‘country cousins’ when compared with their Rhone counterparts. The 2016 Petite Selve from the Chateau de la Selve turns this into a positive. Give this fresh, organic red a chill and you will be pleased with its cherry fruit and spicy tannins. With 40% Cinsault the blend gives a crisp liveliness, while Grenache and Syrah provide spice and body. Great for charcuterie and salad.


Beaujolais Villages
2015 Beaujolais Villages (Stéphane Aviron)
Sale Price $13.99 – $142.70 case of twelve
Stéphane Aviron Beaujolais VillagesStéphane Aviron’s Beaujolais Villages continues to exceed our expectations. While most wines with this appellation are soft and fruity, his wines are deeper and drier and have fine structure. The 2015 is a ripe wine with cool raspberry fruit and beautifully balanced tannins. Have this with a roast chicken or a grilled flank of salmon.


Chianti Classico
2014 Chianti Classico (Castello La Leccia)
Sale Price $14.99 – $152.90 case of twelve
Castello La Leccia Chianti ClassicoThe wines of Castello La Leccia are some of the best values in Chianti. And they are organic. The quality of this 2014 Chianti Classico is due to a strict selection of wines after a difficult vintage. The real surprise is how concentrated it is for a Chianti Normale and how it developed and improved on day two of being open. Have this with a spicy tomato sauced pasta dish or a simple grilled rib eye.

2016 Bianchello del Metauro (Crespaia)
Sale Price $11.99 – $122.30 case of twelve
Crespaia Bianchello del MetauroThe previous vintage was our first with the Bianchello from Crespaia. By all accounts it was a hit, and we are pleased to offer another terrific value white from this producer in Le Marche. This lemony, herbal dry white is perfect for all things seafood. Also wonderful with asparagus and, surprisingly, cauliflower.


Goriška Brda
2016 Pinot Grigio ‘Rado’ (Rado Kocijančič)
2016 Rosé ‘Rado’ (Rado Kocijančič)
Sale Price $11.99 – $122.30 case of twelve
While Slovenian viticulture predates that of France, its centuries-old history of occupations and empires has hindered its development as a renowned wine producing country. Yet it shares the same latitudinal sweet spot as Burgundy and Bordeaux. As part of Yugoslavia, family vineyards were nationalized to provide wine for the state. Even now very little wine makes it out of the country. Despite losing more than half of his family’s vineyards during the communist period, Rado Kocijančič continues to make terroir-driven wines minutes from the Italian border in the area of Goriška Brda. As he’s allergic to sulfur, his organic wines hardly ever see it.  Rado Kocijančič Rado Pino Grigio
Rado’s Pinot Grigio charmed us with its uniqueness. With its weighty body, nutty aromas, delicate apricot fruit, and a stream of minerals, it’s unlike any of our other Pinot Grigios. This is an unoaked white with guts, and it needs to be in order to match the locals’ meaty cuisine loaded with garlic and onions. It’s also fitting for our local cuisine of seafood such as fish chowder. Rado Kocijančič Rado Rosé
His rosé brims with personality. It’s made from Refrošk, a grape indigenous to the Karst Plateau, a region where Italy and Slovenia meet at the Adriatic Sea. This dry, cherry-fruited, rose-scented pink is not your typical light and airy rosé. It’s got texture, body, and tannins. Have with grilled vegetable kebabs or a roast pork loin.

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3 French Rosés
2016 Costières de Nîmes (Château Grande Cassagne)
Château Grande Cassagne Costières de Nîmes Sale Price $9.99 – $101.90 case of twelve
This ‘take it with you on vacation’ rosé is crisp and dry with easygoing spice and fruit. Perfect for drinking on a dock with a steamed lobster and fresh corn.

Domaine du Clos d’Alari Petit Clos Côtes de Provence

2016 Côtes de Provence ‘Petit Clos’ (Domaine du Clos d’Alari)
Sale Price $14.99 – $152.90 case of twelve
Clos d’Alari’s ‘Petit Clos’ is a delicious pale-colored dry Provençal pink made for drinking with crab cakes and spicy tuna rolls.


Couly-Dutheil René Couly Chinon 2016 Chinon ‘René Couly’ (Couly-Dutheil)
Sale Price $14.99 – $152.90 case of twelve
Couly-Dutheil’s Chinon Rosé is a dark, rich, dry rosé for daring gastronomic forays into grilled skewers and big salads.

Parés Baltà Ros de Pacs Penedés

3 Spanish Rosados
2016 Penedés ‘Ros de Pacs’ (Parés Baltà)
Sale Price $9.99 – $101.90 of twelve
Once again our friends at Parés Baltà have delivered a cool, dark, spicy rosado. Have this Catalan delight with a chicken and rice dish or a full blown paella.


Muga Rioja

2016 Rioja (Muga)
Sale Price $9.99 – $101.90 of twelve
Muga’s rosado is a great standard in Rioja with its barrel-fermented aromas, crisp, lively fruit, and its fresh finish. Great with all things pork.

Viña Real Rioja 2016 Rioja (Viña Real)
Sale Price $14.99 – $152.90 of twelve
Viña Real has resurrected their old style rosado with grapes from the high-elevation Rioja Alavesa. This blend of Garnacha and Viura leans more to white than red with its crisp, lively feel. Perfect for shellfish.

The Power of the Rhone
2015 Côtes du Rhône Villages (Mas de Boislauzon)
Sale Price $14.99 – $152.90 case of twelve
2015 Châteauneuf-du-Pape (Mas de Boislauzon)
Sale Price $41.99 -- $428.30 case of twelve
Mas de Boislauzon Côtes du Rhône VillagesThe 2015 vintage in the Rhone Valley is undeniably great. So great that some wines are already sold out. Luckily, we jumped when offered these wines from Mas de Boislauzon. The Côtes du Rhône Villages and Châteauneuf-du-Pape rise well above their peers at this price point.

The Power of the Rhone, cont.
Mas de Boislauzon Châteauneuf-du-PapeThe Côtes du Rhône Villages comes from vineyards in privileged sectors that resemble those of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. For a mere Côtes du Rhône Villages this is a powerful, deep, and structured red with dark fruit and peppery tannins. Have this with full flavored roasted meats and grilled vegetables. The Châteauneuf is a top-class wine with, as British wine writers used to describe, ‘bags of life,’ meaning drink it now if you like guts, tannin, and structure, or keep it for ten years if you want a full-bodied yet elegant, deep red. Either way this is a fabulous Châteauneuf-du-Pape.


Gorgeous Burgundy
2015 Bourgogne Rouge ‘En Montre Cul’ (Regis Bouvier)
Sale Price $24.99 – $254.90 case of twelve
2015 Marsannay ‘Les Longeroies’ (Regis Bouvier)
Sale Price $34.99 – $356.90 case of twelve
Regis Bouvier En Montre Cul Bourgogne RougeIf any single red grape has been transformed and popularized over the last twenty years, it has been Pinot Noir. Once the rustic native of Burgundy, now a global adventurer. But in a great vintage like 2015 the focus of Pinot Noir interest will always return to Burgundy and the pursuit of the absolute best. The wines of Regis Bouvier are not entirely unknown, but with efforts like this, affordable prices, and recent national press, they may soon be scarce.

Gorgeous Burgundy, cont.
The village of Marsannay is at the northern tip of the Cote d’Or. Before it achieved appellation status it supplied the city of Dijon with its red, white, and rosé served straight out of the barrel. The vineyard land is now much depleted compared to earlier, thirstier times, but the vines that remain are in the best sites and deliver exquisite wines. Regis Bouvier Les Longeroies MarsannayThe ‘Les Longeroies’ has a fabulous purity of aroma, a beautiful balance of fruit and tannin, and a lovely, earthy finish. This is approachable, but will be even better over the next five years. The ‘En Montre Cul’ is a delightfully rustic Burgundy with brash fruit, wild tannins, and a cool, minty finish. Drink this now with a roast chicken or a grilled rib eye.

Specialty Foods


Fromager D’Affinois Excellence
$12.99 per lb.  (Regular price $13.99)

Fromager D’Affinois Excellence cheeseFrom Fromagerie Guilloteau in France comes this indulgent triple-cream version of their classic soft cheese, Fromager D’Affinois. Made with pasteurized cow’s milk and extra cream, the cheese undergoes the same ultrafiltration process that they pioneered and utilize for all of their soft-ripened cheeses. During ultrafiltration, water is removed from the milk before the cheesemaking process begins. This concentrates the fat and proteins so that more nutrients are retained in the final product, and it speeds up the production and ripening stages. It also contributes to the extremely silky texture and rich, buttery flavor.


Shy Brothers Farm Cloumage $4.99 each 
(Regular price $5.99)

Shy Brothers Farm Cloumage cheeseShy Brothers Farm was established in Westport, MA in 2006 by four of the Santos brothers, on the original location of their grandparents’ dairy farm. The brothers are third generation dairy farmers who desired to continue the family dairy tradition, strengthen the local farming community, and help maintain the rural character of this region of coastal Massachusetts. Cloumage is a fresh cow’s milk cheese, light and tangy, with a balanced acidity. Extremely versatile, it is excellent for cooking, baking, or snacking. We will be offering two flavors: plain and roasted red pepper.

Käse Rebellen Hayflower $13.99 per lb. 
(Regular price $15.99)

Hayflower is a creamy, semi-soft washed rind cheese made in the Austrian Alps by Käse Rebellen. It is produced using cow’s milk from about 300 small farms located throughout the region. Each farm is dedicated to preserving the alpine hay-feeding tradition whereby cows graze on lush mountain pastures in the summer and are fed preserved hay in the colder months. The cheese gets its name from the beautiful coating of hay flowers, which impart a floral and honey aroma on top of the creamy caramel notes from the hay milk. Great on its own or as a melting cheese.


Beehive Cheese Company SeaHive $18.99 per lb.  (Regular price $21.99)
Beehive Cheese Company SeaHive cheeseBeehive Cheese Company has been making cheese in Northern Utah for over a decade, sourcing their cow’s milk from a fourth generation family dairy that raises a herd of mixed Jersey and Holstein cows that graze on mineral rich fields neighboring the Great Salt Lake. That embrace of local, natural resources is brought to the fore in SeaHive, a full-bodied cheddar that is hand-rubbed with local wildflower honey and Real Salt® sea salt. The salt is harvested from an ancient sea bed near Redmond, Utah, and contains more than 50 natural trace minerals. The resulting cheese has a smooth, creamy texture and would pair well with a hoppy ale or a fruity white wine.


Wines of the Month — June 15, 2017 through July 14, 2017

Gorgo Custoza

2016 Custoza (Gorgo)
Sale Price $8.99 – $97.09 case of twelve
Custoza is a wallet-friendly dry white blend from the Veneto. The 2016 is wonderfully fresh, fruity, and dry.




2015 Monterey Valdiguié ‘Wildflower’ (J. Lohr)
Sale Price $8.99 – $97.09 case of twelve
J. Lohr Wildflower Monterey Valdiguié This Valdiguié is J. Lohr’s version of Beaujolais. The fresh berry fruit has a bit of spice and a nicely structured finish. Great for all kinds of BBQ.

Domaine Boisson Côtes du Rhône2015 Côtes du Rhône (Domaine Boisson)
Sale Price $9.99 – $107.89 case of twelve
This great value Côtes du Rhône should be served with a slight chill to keep the fresh fruit in balance. Great for grilled lamb burgers.


Maison Philippe Viallet Savoie Blanc

2016 Savoie Blanc (Maison Philippe Viallet)
Sale Price $9.99 – $107.89 case of twelve
The new vintage of Savoie Blanc is light and fresh with apricot fruit and a crisp, dry finish.